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Sullivan Trading Company
Selling You the Best Machines Ever Made:
CANCO, American Can and Continental!

There is an old saying, "nothing lasts forever". That may be true for automobiles, VCR's and washing machines. But an American Can or CANCO can seamer will last forever because they were built that way.

Built by people with no concept of planned obsolescence, some of these can seamers rolled out of machine shops 80-100 years ago and are still in use today, in small and large companies around the world. The original designers generated profits in cans per minute, and these seamers were their best tools to make money then and now.

Like anything with a long shelf life these giants of the industrial era need cleaning, refurbishing and reconditioning to continue meeting the needs of the canning industry. Sullivan Trading is proud to service and sell a product that will endure and meet the quality standards established by designers from the golden age of craftmanship.

Let's have a conversation about American Can, CANCO and Continental seamers and parts. Let's not talk about just any machines, let's talk about the best machines.